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Sprinkler Valve Solenoids

About Valve Solenoids

Every sprinkler valve comes with essential components, which are essential to its operation. You need replacement sprinkler solenoids to enable the valve to distribute water to the sprinkler heads. At PlumbersStock, we have a great selection of quality solenoids for sale.

We have valve solenoid replacements for a variety of models. If you have any trouble finding the best solenoid for your needs, please contact our customer service team for support. We will have all the discount sprinkler supply and irrigation valve parts you need.

What Is a Valve Solenoid?

A solenoid is a generic term for a coil of wire used as an electromagnet. A solenoid creates a magnetic field from an electric current in an irrigation valve to create linear motion. When the solenoid is activated, the air inside the valve can escape. This creates pressure and causes the diaphragm to rise up and down, depending on the direction the solenoid is activated. Without a sprinkler solenoid, a valve can't function properly.

Replacing a Defective Solenoid

Because a solenoid is so vital to a valve, you must know how to fix it if anything goes wrong. A sprinkler valve solenoid replacement is an easy and inexpensive fix and can get your system up and running in no time at all. If you need to replace a defective solenoid on your valve, here are some easy steps you can follow:

  • Shut off Water Supply - This is so important. If you do not shut off your water, you may find yourself with water spraying everywhere. Always take the safe route by shutting off your water first.
  • Open Valve Box and Remove Sprinkler Solenoid - Cut off old connection wires, as there may be some corrosion inside them. Once your old wires have been clipped, you can remove your solenoid by turning it counter-clockwise and pulling it off.
  • Place New Solenoid Into Position - This can be done by inserting your new valve solenoid where your old solenoid was positioned. Once you get it in the right spot, you can turn it clockwise to safely attach it into place.
  • Hook-Up Wires - Once you have your solenoid safely attached to a place, you can quickly hook up your new wires to your existing wires in no time at all. Once you get your wires attached where they need to go, your new solenoid will be ready to perform.

Sprinkler Solenoid Replacement Options

Repairing a defective solenoid is as easy as counting to 1-2-3. We have a large selection of solenoids in almost every make and model imaginable. Here are just some of the fantastic manufacturers of solenoids that you will find on our site:

  • Rain Bird
  • Toro
  • Weathermatic
  • Hit Products
  • And so much more!

Buy Discount Sprinkler Solenoids Online

Whether you are looking to repair an old solenoid or want a new one, you will find everything you need here on our site today. At PlumbersStock, we know the importance of a properly working irrigation system and want to help keep yours running flawlessly. Check out our site today and find the best sprinkler valve solenoid replacement for your system. Save on the best sprinkler system parts.

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