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Sprinkler Drains

About Sprinkler Drains

Sprinkler drains are essential to any irrigation system in regions where temperatures dip below freezing. The reason being, when water freezes it also expands. If water is left remaining in your line when Jack Frost visits, then you could be in major trouble. The sprinkler pipe will expand to the point where it cracks, resulting in costly repairs the following spring.

Your time is valuable, and sprinkler repairs make for time-intensive, hard labor. By purchasing sprinkler accessories like drains from PlumbersStock you are mitigating your risk of an accident this upcoming winter. With a little foresight and literally a few dollars, you can save yourself the headache.

How Does a Line Drain Work?

Drain valves allow for the water in the supply line to escape. Manual drains have some sort of lever or trigger so that you can conveniently release the water at your discretion. Most prefer to install Auto drain valves that make proper maintenance even easier. Auto drains are able to detect when the water pressure is below a certain level. The drop in the pressure occurs every time the system is shut off, and it triggers the release of the large majority of the water left in the supply lines.

At PlumbersStock we encourage you to purchase automatic drain valves. They are very inexpensive, and will save you the trouble of having to be forever mindful of early frosts and spring frosts that we often experience in the Midwest, mountain west, and all over the northern regions of the United States.

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We have all the Orbit, Blazing, King, and other sprinkler system parts you need for an efficient and well-designed sprinkler system. Do not forget your drain valve! It can save you a lot of future heartache. If you have any trouble locating the right part then we encourage you to call or e-mail. Get great deals on all lawn/garden products.

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