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Sprinkler Valve Boxes

About Irrigation Valve Boxes

Anyone who has experience working on a sprinkler system understands that it is a lot of work. After putting all that effort into beautifying your lawn and garden, the last thing you would want is for any part of your system to fail, particularly the sprinkler valves. This is why man invented sprinkler valve boxes.

Without sprinkler valve covers to obscure them, the valves are subject to the elements and they are also eye sores. Just like with all landscape supplies, you can save big here on:

What Types of Irrigation Valve Boxes Are There?

Generally most systems have rectangular or round valve boxes. There are many sizes to choose from, ranging from 7 to 27 inches, so take the time to strategize how many zones you need. The number of zones will determine the number of valves, and thus determine the size of the irrigation valve box that will best fit your system. For those that do no€™t want to place a large green box in their yard, PlumbersStock does offer a realistic looking €œrock boxes intended to look like sandstone, granite, and other kinds of boulders.

PlumbersStock carries Rain Bird, Dekorra, and Orbit valve box products. Maybe our most popular option is the 18" Rain Bird Maxi Jumbo VBMAXH

Sprinkler Box Cover Installation Tips

You are going to want the top of the valve box cover to be flush or even with the ground. This will prevent injuries caused by tripping. It will also make it easier to mow the lawn if the box is located there. Remember, after installing a new system the ground and soil will settle with time which will sink your valve box deeper. There are, however, ways to prevent this from happening.

Having a stable irrigation valve box is very important. There are a few options to consider. (1) The cheapest and most resourceful is to place a brick in each of the four corners where the box will lay. Many are under the impression that you will have to cut or trim parts of the bottom of the valve box to accommodate for the pipes. However, the box should lie higher than the pipes and should not be resting on the pipes or putting pressure on them. (2) A very reliable solution for stabilization is to use a valve box platform. This platform is placed underneath the sprinkler valve box and has corresponding ledges for a secure fit. It has pushed out plastic tabs that allow for the pipes to easily come out the side. The bottom of these tabs allows for stable platforms for the pipes coming from the valves. Placing gravel on in the inside of the box provides for extra stability and keeps the inside of the valve box clean from roots or debris.

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We hope this guide was educational and will aid you in your buying decision. Browse our products to find the right above ground valve box, covers, and other parts accessories to improve your lawn. If you are having trouble finding the right part, or need help with your project, contact our team of knowledgeable professionals.

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