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About Timer Cords and Transformers

An automatic irrigation system would have a pretty hard time working without the proper cords and transformers to operate the sprinkler timer. Whether your plug got fried in a power outage, or your transformer got destroyed you will be sure to find the Rain Bird products you need.

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Testing a Faulty Timer Transformer

Often if you are having troubles with a sprinkler zone the problem could be a faulty transformer. If your transformer which is connected to your irrigation system has gone bad you can test it to see if it's working properly rather easily.

To test your transformer all you will need to do is use a multimeter. Place the leads of the multimeter to the transformer terminals which are labeled 24 VAC while the transformer is plugged in. If your multimeter is reading under 22 you will know that your transformer is faulty and needs to be replaced. Once you replace your transformer your zones should be up and running again in no time.

Cords, Plugs and Transformers at PlumbersStock

We have quality inexpensive transformers as well as plugs and cords for any problem you may be experiencing with your irrigation system. All of our parts are made with quality materials, are inexpensive and built to last. Here are some of the parts you will find here on our site today.

Rain Bird XFMRESPLX 26.5 Volt Transformer

If your transformer has gone bad and you are in need of a new one, this high-quality transformer is for you. This product is made to be used with ESP-MC Series Controllers as well as other 26.5V controllers. It's easy to install and extremely well built. At PlumbersStock you can get your system up and running flawlessly again for less than $35 with our Volt Transformers


The Rain Bird PIGTAIL is a popular controller accessory. It can be used with outdoor controllers and is 6' in length. It features 16 gauge stranded conductor wires and a 90 degree molded plug type NEMA 5-15P. It's inexpensive to buy and can easily be hooked up to your controller in no time at all. If you are having problems with your irrigation system and feel that you may need a new cord, the PIGTAIL could be just what you need to get your system up and running again.

How to Choose the Best Sprinkler Wire

Occasionally you will have to replace parts of your sprinkler system, such as the sprinkler heads or other components of the system. The sprinkler wiring, however, should last for years to come giving you efficient and consistent production from your sprinkler system. Here at PlumbersStock, we sell a variety of wire for all types of sprinkler systems, whether big or small. The options for wiring also consist of multi-wire applications.

Multi-wires are a benefit when you have multiple circuits (valves) in your sprinkler system. Each circuit requires an individual wire. Using 3, 5, or 7-strand allows for the use of less sprinkler wiring and also helps to identify which wire goes with which circuit by color. If you decide that you want to add on to your system in the future, use underground sprinkler wire with extra strands for easy addition. Another benefit of using multi-strand wire is that it is easy to repair when the occasion arises. You can splice the wire in case of a cut, or if the addition of more wire is needed.

We carry Orbit sprinkler wire, as well as King.

Sprinkler Wire Connectors

We also sell wire connectors in different sizes for any job. A wire connector’s job is to protect the exposed copper wiring when not in use or not connected to a sprinkler circuit. Here at PlumbersStock, we sell both waterproof and silicon-filled connectors to help keep the wiring safe and dry.

Tips for Burying Your Sprinkler System Wiring

Obviously, you do not want unsightly wiring poking out of the ground. The sprinkler wire below is all rated for burial applications. Both Regency and Orbit wires comply with UL and NEC requirements for electrical safety. As you will be burying the underground sprinkler wire, you may also want to consider a PVC conduit to help protect the wires from weathering. This is a cost-effective way to help prevent continuous maintenance of your sprinkler system.

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At PlumbersStock, we take pride in the products we have to offer. We have a large selection of plugs and transformers to meet every individual's needs. Our products are built to last and to withstand almost any element which comes its way. If you are having problems with your irrigation cords or transformers don't go another day without water. Check out our website and find the products that you need to fix the problem and get your system up and running again.

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